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Escriba – This is the creative workshop where we work to embody all your Ideas and help you to make the best gift.

“Escriba” company provides all the possible services related to the art.

The main activity of our specialists is to create Paintings for order. They will easily display the desired style, adjusting the image to your taste and interior. Our masters are ready to work on paper, canvas, walls. And they are always ready to implement any idea you bear in mind.

In addition to the painters, the “Escriba” team also has an incredible composition Sculptors, who can easily turn the piece of stone, marble, plaster or wood into the real shape with all the small details that you imafined in your head.

If you are not a supporter of standards, then you have the opportunity to order Painting of ceramic subjects. Painting of this type transform your premise, adding to it the refined atmospere, and also will turn simple ceramic things in exclusive..

Besides all the services we are ready to provide, we are also ready to propose you the products from our online Shop with a huge variety of ready-made arts, where you can purchase and get whatever you like.

Our team will be glad to dive into the ocean of your imagination and also share some our thoughts about it, thus to be able to create an absolutely brilliant piece of art.

And what about the procedure of creation and delivery, you can be completely calm. We ensure you everything will be done the best way!

  • Живопись 80%
  • Скульптура 40%
  • Роспись поверхностей 65%
Our masters will create the piece of art of any style, or will renovate something what is really important to you.
Allow us to make your life more happy and colourful, so that way you make us a big favour!

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